Estrenamos el nuevo tema de Daniel Ruiz

Tras publicar el año pasado el EP Stories from a Whiskey-soaked Mind, Daniel Ruiz nos presenta ahora «But the Popcorn They Sell Reminds me of Your Eyes». Un nuevo tema con el que el sigue incidiendo en su particular estilo imbuido de nocturnidad, sensibilidad e ironía y en el que el catalán desgrana algunos de sus mejores versos hasta el momento.

sunny day, she lies awake as the rays of sun ignite her face

400 dreams about a place, a thousand graves, a vacuum space


unmatching socks on a feetless child

the wheelchair squeaks, her mother sighs

a dog runs loose between the pines

but the wind still carries your scent of lime


seven sisters got out of bed, seven caps, one for each head

a daily procession, a cyclic mirage, the youngest the first, the oldest the last


a pair of gloves in a wooden box

a scream arises as a gun goes off

the microwave dings but there’s nothing inside

but the wind still cries your name every night


there’s water on Mars, or that’s what they say, it might’ve gotten there on a rainy day

400 suns, all of them in shades, are stalking you from outer space


Saturn’s rings got replaced by an ad

in which an elder woman wears a funny hat

the galaxy’s ritziest amusement park

but the popcorn they sell reminds me of your eyes


Eloy Pérez

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