Mr. R & B / Discografía completa

¿Te interesó el magnífico artículo que publicamos en nuestra edición de papel en el número del mes de Enero sobre Mr. R & B? ¿Corre por tus venas el mismo veneno que por las suyas? Pues aquí tienes todas las referencias publicadas por sus diferentes sellos. ¡Toma nota, investiga su paradero y completa tú colección!




Route 66

KIX-1: Floyd Dixon ”Opportunity Blues” (1948-61)

KIX-2: Roy Brown “Laughing But Crying” (1947-59)

KIX-3: Wynonie Harris “Mr Blues is Coming To Town”  (1946-54)

KIX-4: Ivory Joe Hunter “7th Street Boogie” (1945-50)

KIX-5: Charles Brown “Sunny Road” (1945-60)

KIX-6: Roy Brown “Good Rocking Tonight” (1947-54)

KIX-7: Amos Milburn “Just One More Drink” (1946-54)

KIX-8: Paul Gayten & Annie Laurie “Creole Gal” (1947-57)

KIX-9: Roy Hawkins “Why Do Everything Happen To Me” (1949-54)

KIX-10: Little Willie Littlefield “It´s Midnight” (1949-57)

KIX-11: Floyd Dixon “Houston Jump”  (1947-60)

KIX-12: Jimmy McCracklin “Rockin´ Man” (1945-56)

KIX-13: Billy Wright “Stacked Deck” (1949-54)

KIX-14: Bullmoose Jackson “Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again”1945-56

KIX-15: Ivory Joe Hunter “Jumping At The Dew Drop” (1947-52)

KIX-16: Ruth Brown “Sweet Baby of Mine” (1949-56)

KIX-17: Charles Brown “Race Track Blues” (1945-56)

KIX-18: Jimmy Liggins “I Can´t Stop It” (1947-52)

KIX-19: Larry Darnell “I´ll Get Along Somehow” (1949-57)

KIX-20: Wynonie Harris “Oh Babe!”  (1945-54)

KIX-21: Amos Milburn “Rock, Rock, Rock” (1947-57)

KIX-22: Percy Mayfield “The Voice Within” (1949-56)

KIX-23: Peppermint Harris “I Got Loaded” (1950-53)

KIX-24: Little Ceasar “Lying Woman…Goodbye Baby” (1952-53)

KIX-25: Ivory Joe Hunter “I Had a Girl” (1946-52)

KIX-26: Roy Brown “I Feel That Young Man´s Rhythm” (1947-54)

KIX-27: Floyd Dixon “Empty Stocking Blues” (1947-53)

KIX-28: Amos Milburn “Let´s Rock A While” (1946-54)

KIX-29: Jimmy McCracklin “I´m Gonna Have My Fun” (1949-57)

KIX-30: Wynonie Harris “Playful Baby” (1945-54)

KIX-31: Jimmy Witherspoon “Hey Mr Landlord” (1945-56)

KIX-32: Joseph “Mr Google Eyes” August “Rock My Soul” (1949-54)

KIX-33: Johnny Moore´s Blazers “Why Johnny Why?” (1949-56)

KIX-34: Charles Brown “Let´s Have A Ball” (1945-61)

KIX-35: Calvin Boze “Choo, Choo´s Bringing My Baby Home” (1949-52)

KIX-1200: Hunter Hancock Presents Blues & Rhythm Midnight Matinee” (1951)  

Mr R&B

R&B-100: Nappy Brown “That Man” (1954-61)

R&B-101: Bobby Mitchell “I´m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday” (1953-63)

R&B-102: The Coasters “What Is The Secret Of Your Success” (1957-64)

R&B-103: Rosco Gordon “Keep On Doggin´” (1951-69)

R&B-104: Roy Brown “Saturday Nite” (1952-59)

R&B-105: Ray Agee “Black Night Is Gone” (1951-57)

R&B-106: Varetta Dillard “Double Crossing Daddy” (1951-61)

R&B-107: Sonny Knight “Confidential” (1953-64)

R&B-108: Solomon Burke “You Can Run But You Can´t Hide” (1955-59)

R&B-109: Margie Day “I´ll Get A Deal” (1950-56)

R&B-110: Faye Adams “I´m Goin´ To Leave You” (1952-61)

R&B-1000: Amos Milburn Jnr “You Used Me” (1959-67)

R&B-1001: Johnny Copeland “I´ll Be Around” (1958-75)

R&B-1002: Johnny Copeland “Down On Bending Knees” (1960-75)

R&B-1003: Ray Agee “I´m Not Looking Back” (1955-71)

R&B-1004: Young Jessie “Shuffle In The Gravel” (1957-64)

R&B-1005: Ted Taylor “Somebody´s Always Trying” (1958-66)


Rj-200: Charles Brown & Rolf Wikström´s Hjärtslag “I´m Gonna Push On” (79)

RJ-201: Chuck Norris “The Los Angeles Flash” (1980)

RJ-202: Ruth Brown “Takin´ Care of Business” (1980)

RJ-203: Lloyd Glenn “Blue Ivories” (1947-57/1982)

RJ-204: Eddie Boyd “Lover´s Playground” (1983)

RJ-205: Nappy Brown “I Done Got Over” (1983)

Blues Boy

BB-300: Lonnie Johnson “The Originator of Modern Guitar Blues (1941-52)

BB-301: B.B. King “The Rarest King” (1949-60)

BB-302: Lowell Fulson (1946-57)

BB-303: Saunders King “What´s Your Story Morning Glory” (1942-54)

BB-304: T-Bone Walker “The Inventor of the Electric Guitar Blues” (1929-53)

BB-305: Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown “Atomic Energy” (1947-59)

BB-306: Goree Carter “Rock Awhile” (1949-51)

BB-307: Pee Wee Crayton “After Hours Boogie” (1945-62)

Crown Prince

IG-400: Eddie Boyd “Rattin´ And Running Around” (1947-56)

IG-401: Stick McGhee “Drinkin´ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee” (1949-54)

IG-402: Willie Mabon “The Seventh Son” (1952-56)

IG-403: Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup “Give Me a 32-20” (1941-52)

IG-404: Arbee Stidham “My Heart Belongs To You” (1947-57)

IG-405: Jimmy McCracklin “You Deceived Me (1945-54)

IG-406: Mercy Dee “G.I. Fever“  (1949-55)

IG-407/8: Lowell Fulson  “Baby Won´t You Jump With Me“ (1946-51) (dbl-lp)

IG-409: Andrew “Smokey” Hogg “Too Late Old Man”  (1947-58)


BP-500: Paul Williams “The Hucklebuck” (1948-56)

BP-501: Preston Love & Johnny Otis “Strictly Cash” (1951-63/1980)

BP-502: Red Prysock “Cryin´ My Heart Out” (1952-56)

BP-503: Tab Smith “I Don´t Want To Play In The Kitchen” (1944-56)

BP-504: Johnny Griffin & Joe Morris Orchestra “Fly Mr Fly” (1947-49)

BP-505: Big Jay McNeely  “Road House Boogie” (1949-52)

BP-506: Bullmoose Jackson  “Moose On The Loose” (1945-53)

BP-507: Eddie Vinson “Mr. Cleanhead Steps Out” (1945-51)

BP-508: Lynn Hope “Morocco” (1950-55)

BP-509: Tab Smith “Joy! At the Savoy” (1944-54)

BP-510: Paul Williams “Spider Sent Me” (1947-51)

BP-511: Tab Smith “These Foolish Things” (1946-55)

BP-1300: Big Jay McNeely “The Best Of” (1947-57)

BP-1301: Jimmy Wright “Let´s Go Crazy Baby” (1953-56)

BM-1302: Joe Houston “Rockin´´n´Boppin´” (1949-55/1963)

BM-1303: Chuck Higgins  “Yak A Dak” (1953-61)

Jukebox Lil

JB-600: Roy Milton “The Grandfather of R&B” (1945-51)

JB-601: Joe Liggins “Darktown Strutters Ball”  (1945-50)

JB-602: Louis Jordan “G.I. Jive” (1940-47)

JB-603: Julia Lee “Ugly Papa” (1945-57)

JB-604: Ella Johnson & Buddy Johnson´s Orchestra ”Say Ella” (1942-57)

JB-605: Louis Jordan “Cole Slaw” (1947-52)

JB-606: Mabel Scott  “Fine, Fine Baby” (1947-53)

JB-607: Jack McVea  “Open The Door Richard!” (1945-47)

JB-608: Lloyd Glenn “Texas Man” (1946-59)

JB-609: Lucky Millinder “Shorty´s Got To Go” (1942-52)

JB-610: Joe Morris “Lowdown Baby” (1949-57)

JB-611: Johnny Otis “Barrelhouse Jump” (1946-51)

JB-612: Jack McVea “Two Timin´ Baby” (1944-47)

JB-613: Lucky Millinder “Let It Roll Again” (1941-51)

JB-614: Julia Lee “A Porter´s Lovesong” (1945-47)

JB-615: Todd Rhodes  “Your Daddy´s Doggin´Around” (1947-53)

JB-616: Roy Milton  “Big Fat Mama” (1945-54)

JB-617: Johnny Otis “Gee Baby”  (1947-52)

JB-618: Big Joe Turner  “I Don´t Dig It” (1940-49)

JB-619: Louis Jordan “Somebody Done Hoodooed…” (1938-42)

JB-620: Jesse Price “Jump It With a Shuffle” (1946-48)

JB-621: Tiny Bradshaw  “I´m a High Ballin´ Daddy” (1944-55)

JB-622: Joe Liggins “The Honey Dripper”  (1945-49)

JB-623: Cootie Williams  “Things Ain´t What They Used to Be” (1946-48)

JB-624: Buddy Johnson and his orch. “I´ll Dearly Love You” (1942-61)

JB-625: Jack McVea “New Deal” (1944-48)

JB-1100: Nellie Lutcher “My New Papa´s Got To Have Everything”(1947-55)

JB-1101: Savannah Churchill “Time Out For Tears “(1946-53)

JB-1102: Dinah Washington “If You Don´t Believe I´m Leving” (1946-54)

JB-1103: Nellie Lutcher “Ditto From Me To You” (1947-55)

JB-1104:  Martha Davis “You´re On The Right Track Baby” (1946-51)

JB-1105: Johnny Moore´s Three Blazers “This Is One Time, Baby” (1945-49)

JB-1106: Charles Brown w. the  Three Blazers “Sail On Blues” (1945-47)

JB-1107: Hadda Brooks “Romance in The Dark” (1945-72)

Whiskey, Women, And…

KM-700: Doc Pomus “Send For The Doctor” (1944-55)

KM-701: Helen Humes “Be-Baba-Leba” (1944-52)

KM-702: Sam Price “Play It Again, Sam” (1983)

KM-703: Big Jim Wynn “Blow Wynn Blow” (1945-54)

KM-704: Sam Price “Do You Dig My Jive” (1929,1940-42)

KM-705: Willis “Gator Tail” Jackson “On My Own” (1950-55)

KM-706: Tiny Grimes and his Rocking Highlanders “Loch Lomond” (1947-53)

KM-707: Helen Humes “New Million Dollar Secret” (1927,1945-55)

KM-708: The Jones Brothers “Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon” (1945-49,1969)

KM-709: Snub Mosley “The Man with the Funny Little Horn” (1940-49)

KM-710: Marilyn Scott/Mary Deloatch “I Got What My Daddy Likes(1945-51)

KM-711: Van Walls  “Thet Call Me Piano Man” (1949-52,1987)

KM-712: Freddie Mitchell “The Derby” (1949-55)

KM-713: Doc Pomus “It´s Great To Be Young and In Love” (1947-60)

Dr. Horse

H-800: Sonny Til & the Orioles “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” (1948-55)

H-801: The Cadillacs “Please, Mr Johnson” (1954-61)

H-802: The Five Royales “The Real Thing” (1952-61)

H-803: The Treniers “You´re Killin´ Me” (1947-56)

H-804: The Big Three Trio “I Feel Like Steppin´ Out” (1946-52)

H-805: The Du-Droppers  “Can´t Do Sixty No More” (1952-55)

H-806: Steve Gibson and the Red Caps “Blueberry Hill” (1946-52)

H-807: The Clovers feat. Charlie White “All Righty Oh Sweetie” (1951-59)

H-808: The Big Three Trio “Signifying Monkey” (1940-52)

H-809: The Delta Rhythm Boys “Tall, Tan and Tender” (1940-55)

H-810: The Charioteers “On the Sunny Side of the Street” (1941-47)

Earth Angel

JD-900: Jesse Belvin “Hang Your Tears Out To Dry” (1951-58)

JD-901: Richard Berry “Louie, Louie” (1953-58)

JD-902: Frankie Ervin “Dragnet Blues” (1953-62)

JD-903: Music City Records (1954-61)  The 4 Deuces, Midnights,  Rovers,                                 

              Gaylarks, Crescendos,  5 Swans etc

JD-904: The Jaguars “The Way You Look Tonight” (1955-61)

JD-905: The Hollywood Flames “The John Dolphin Sessions” (1951-56)

JD-906: Dolphin´s of Hollywood – the Doo Wop Sessions (1951-62)

             Lee Maye, Falcons, Robins, Turbans,Bobby Relf etc

JD-907: Music City Records Vol 2 (1954-61)  Midnights,Gaylarks,Rovers,

              5  Swans, Johnny Heartsman,Jimmy Nelson,Crescendos etc

JD-908: Big Jay McNeely “Live and Rare”  (1953-65)

Gospel Jubilee

RF-1400: The Four Internes “I´m Troubled” (1951-53)

RF-1401: The Trumpeteers  “Milky White Way” (1947-54)

RF-1402: Archie Brownlee & the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi “You Done

               What The Doctor Couldn´t Do” (1948-59)

RF-1403: Willmer “Little Axe” Broadnax “So Many Years” (1939-54)

RF-1404: The Spirit of Memphis Quartet “When Mother´s Gone” (1949-56)

RF-1405: The Dixie Hummingbirds “In the Storm Too Long” (1939-49)

RF-1406: The Southern Sons “When They Ring Them Golden Bells” (1941-44)

RF-1407:  The Charioteers “Jesus Is a Rock In the Weary land” (early 40´s)

Jazz Information

CAH-3000: Bunny Berigan “1936 – Volume 1” 

CAH-3001: Duke Ellington  “The Brunswick Sessions vol 1” (1932-35)

CAH-3002: Duke Ellington  “The Brunswick Sessions vol 2” (1932-35)

CAH-3003: Duke Ellington  “The Brunswick Sessions vol 3” (1932-35)

CAH 3005: The Territory Bands (1936-39) Don Albert/Ernie Fields/Carolina

                    Cotton Pickers/Boots and his Buddies.

CAH-4000: Louis Armstrong “In Sweden” (1959)

CAH 4001: Duke Ellington “In Sweden” (1958)

CAH 4002: Joe Newman  „In Sweden“ (1958)

CAH-4003/4: Gerry Mulligan   „In Sweden“ (1957)

Clanka Lanka

CL-144.001/002: Birmingham Quartet Anthology „Jefferson County, Alabama“

             (1926-53) Golden Leaf Quartette, Birmingham Jubilee Singers

                            Famous Blue Jay Singers, Ravizee Singers etc    (dbl-LP)

CL-144.003: The Human Orchestra  “Rhythm Quartets in the Thirties” (1932-

                       40) Five Jones Boys,Golden Gate Quartet,Five Jinks etc.

Gospel Friend Records

Marie Knight – ”Hallelujah What a Song” (PN-1500)

Prof. J. Earle Hines & His Goodwill Singers/The St. Paul Baptist Church Choir of L.A. – ”Jesus Steps Right In” (PN-1501).

Clara Ward & The Ward Singers – “I Feel The Holy Spirit” (1949-52) (PN-1502)

The Dixie Hummingbirds – “Jesus Has Traveled This Road Before” (1939-52) PN 1503

The Georgia Peach – Lord, Let Me Be More Humble In This World (1930-60) PN 1504

The Wings Over Jordan  – Trying To Get Ready  (1941-53) PN 1505  (The World’s Greatest Negro Choir)   25 songs  (70:56 min) Ready for shipment on january 14.

The Stars of Bethlehem – “Above My Head” (OLN 2000)

King Louis H. Narcisse – “It’s So Nice To Be Nice”  (OLN 2001)

Metralla suficiente para volar varios cientos de cabezas.


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